Outreach & Family Support

Outreach can range from a simple chat about parenting skills to being involved in a family’s child protection case - attending meetings, providing plans for families to follow, writing reports and in some cases attending court.

 Outreach forms a vital part of our work and is accessible to all of our clients, allowing us to identify problems and work out what actions and solutions are needed to avoid potentially catastrophic consequences.

How it works


We accept referrals from Children’s Services, health visitors, GPs and local schools as well as self-referrals.

Each case begins with an assessment of the needs of the individual family so that we can tailor a support plan to suit them, often alongside relevant agencies and services. The aim is to alleviate the crisis and plan a medium to long term support package to ensure a positive outcome for children and adults within the family.   

Establishing a relationship with our clients - both adults and children - means we can support them to access the services available to them through statutory and voluntary agencies. This includes early years provision, health, family support and employment related services.

We also work to secure involvement from relevant agencies when there are concerns and high risks for children and adults by making referrals to Child Protection Teams.