Programmes and Courses

We have a number of programmes for both adults and children, covering a range of subject areas.

Programmes for adults

Resilience For Life

Teaching people how to not just cope but to "bounce back" when things are difficult. Participants learn how to deal with difficult situations in a positive way so they are happier, more confident and secure. 

The Nurturing Programme (Parenting Puzzle)

Helping parents and carers to get the best out of family life. The course looks at how to deal with the challenges of bringing up children and provide a calmer and happier home environment.

The Freedom Programme

Empowering parents to recognise and prevent repetitive patterns of abuse. Many children who witness abuse in the home believe they are to blame and live in a constant state of fear. This course helps parents break out of the cycle of abuse, so that both parents and children feel safe and happy.

Healthy Living Programme

Teaching parents to make healthy choices and cook nourishing meals with their children. This activity brings the family together to have fun through cookery and encourages children to eat well.

  • The group was fun. It’s the only two hours I have for myself each week
  • The atmosphere was really relaxed. No-one judged anyone and everyone was listened to and respected

Programmes for children



Our 10 session FUN FRIENDS programme aims to reduce anxiety and positively engage children with learning. The programme we run is aimed at children aged 8 to 12.

FRIENDS is an acronym based on the central themes of the course, which helps young people to cope in situations they find challenging.

F = Feelings.
R = Remember to relax. Have quiet time.
I = I can do it! I can try my best!
E = Explore solutions and coping step plans.
N = Now reward yourself! You’ve done your best.
D = Don’t forget to practice!
S = Smile! Stay calm and talk to your support networks.

FRIENDS helps young people to…

  • Significantly reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • Find strategies to help deal with stress and worries

  • Gain emotional and social skills

  • Feel positive about engaging with learning

  • Learn to understand their own body signals

  • We are having less family arguments and the household is a lot calmer
  • Without Oasis, I honestly don’t know where my kids and I would be today