How we help

At Oasis we have a variety of groups and courses that provide a safe and stimulating environment for children and their families.

Through this provision we support:

  • Families who are in crisis in any way

  • Children and adults who are victims of domestic abuse

  • Families where there are safeguarding issues

  • Children with anxiety and additional needs

  • Families with poor parenting skills

  • Young parents

  • Families who require early intervention to prevent them from going into crisis


How we work with families

Because we believe there is no "cure all" for the families we work with, we combine our services and programmes to suit each family. We build trust with those who feel isolated and let down by the authorities, offering a place of safety and a team who will listen in times of difficulty.

Families on our programmes get the support they need to avert a potential crisis. We provide our services unconditionally, with no hoops or barriers to jump through.

Our services

To ensure a positive outcome for both parents and children, we provide day-to-day outreach, 24-hour crisis intervention, long-term support and educational programmes.