Art Therapy


We offer Art Therapy sessions for groups and individuals as part of a clients long term plan.

The sessions will allow family members to be able to explore their emotions and feelings.  They can explore them through art how to make sense of their inner world to enable them to thrive in the world around them. We hope that the creative process will increase self-awareness and self-expression and improve the lives of the participants and their families.    

The Feedback

  • These sessions have helped me to focus on what I need and also how I react to people. I was very emotional to start off with and found it hard. I look forward to the one to one sessions to have time to myself. I feel like I have more self-awareness. I need to stop saying sorry all of the time.
  • I am gaining more strength and feeling calmer and I have become more self-directive in my life and I made changes. I have a new outlook on everything and have been inspired to do more in my life like decorate my flat. I look forward now to challenge.