Our adult groups provide a safe and stimulating environment for parents to discuss their needs.

Special educational needs and
disabilities support group

 This support group is for local parents whose children have:

  • a disability

  • a special needs diagnosis (or are waiting for a special needs diagnosis)

  • behavioural issues 

We meet informally every six weeks to support each other and to share experiences.

Young parents group

This group brings our young parents together to give them a peer group to share their life change with. We help them gain confidence as parents and bond as a group, so they begin to support each other.


Within the group we run an ongoing programme that covers:

  • How to care for baby and you

  • Contraception and sexual wellbeing

  • Benefits and housing

  • Going back to work or further education

  • General discussion and advice

  • Oasis provides vital, life-changing care for some of the most vulnerable families in our community. The professionalism of Oasis staff combined with their deep pastoral concern for clients creates an environment where transformation over time is possible, even in the most challenging situations.
  • Since my son was diagnosed with ADHD and traits of OCD, Oasis have helped me a lot as it has been hard at times and without advice and help I wouldn’t have coped as well as I did. If I ever need advice there is always someone to support me.
    — ANON
  • Fantastic support from Caroline at all hours for a mother and her teenager: Caroline worked very closely with the school and Children’s Services to increase security and stability around the child. As a result, there have been several positive and significant benefits for all members of the family. I don’t know of any support like this in any of the localities which my school serves. Brilliant.