Providing vital support to vulnerable children and their families in Elmbridge


Children who live in vulnerable family situations are often the ones who suffer most. They are also the ones with the least power to change the environment they live in.

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 Did you know?

  • Across England and Wales nearly 2 million women and 600,000 men reported having experienced domestic abuse in the last year 1
  • 130,000 children live in homes where there is a high risk of domestic violence occurring 2
  • 62% of children living with domestic abuse are directly harmed y the perpetrator of the abuse, in addition to the harm caused by witnessing the abuse of others 3
  • There are pockets in the borough of Elmbridge where 25% of children and young people aged 0-16 are living in poverty 4

1 ONS (2016), March 2015 Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW)
2 SafeLives (2015) Getting it right the first time: policy report Bristol SafeLives
3 Caada (2014), In Plain Sight: Effective help for children exposed to domestic abuse. Bristol: Cadda.
4 Surrey Early Help NeedsAssessment, October 2017


What we do

At Oasis our goal is to keep children out of the social care system and with their own families.

To do this, we work closely with schools, GPs, Children’s Services and the families themselves to find solutions to the problems people in our community face and provide services that address them.

By working with the whole family, we are able to provide the support parents need to create a stable and secure environment for their children.

Oasis is fantastic, I love every moment being there. My son loves everything at Oasis too, the staff have been outstanding with any problems we have had and helped with my son’s learning and behaviour.
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Together we can help more local children

As a registered charity, we rely on the help, support and generosity of people in our community. Find out how you can support us and make a difference to a family in need.